Founded by Joseph Miller B.Eng, AU Computers has been providing a friendly and reliable service to customers over the course of twenty years. From humble beginnings as a shop selling components for ham radio enthusiasts, we’ve branched out into computer repair and upgrades. Nowadays, we’re the local independent business you can turn to for efficient, friendly service at competitive costs.

Slowly but surely, we've built up a regular customer base who'll happily name AU Computers as the store they go to with any technical queries, and we're glad of it. But it's not just the residential customers who we please, we also cater for small to medium businesses, providing office solutions at sensible prices.

Plus, with AU Computers, there's no jargon, technospeak or complications - we keep it clear. The world of computing can be quite an intimidating place, so we aim to keep it simple and honest. If you come into our store, we're not going to bamboozle you with facts and figures - you'll get the truth: what you need, how it will help, and how much it'll cost.

Finally, two rules have always applied at AU Computers – value for money and good customer service. One doesn’t come at the expense of the other – we’ll provide you an inexpensive service with a smile on our faces!