Has your computer given up the ghost? Perhaps it’s feeling a little under the weather, with all the viruses and spyware going around. Either way, bring it into the store and we’ll have one of our IEEE trained specialists take a look at it. We’ll provide you with a quotation on the spot, a clear explanation of what is wrong with your machine, then we’ll fix it on-site. Our prices are extremely competitive and repairs start from as little as £59, plus our turnaround second-to-none – if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line

If you have a car, you'll take it into a garage for a check-up every so often - the same should apply with your PC. It does no harm to give it a quick spring clean - check for viruses, back-up files, defragment your storage media and generally give your PC a clean bill of health. We'll do this for you, whether it's a personal or business computer, and return it to you safely, performing exactly how it should
A PC upgrade can open up whole new ways to use your computer - perhaps you're online gaming and you need a superior graphics card to get the best from your system, or maybe you're using broadband and finding your PC can't keep up with the speed of the Internet. Either way, drop into our store and we'll give you friendly and jargon-free advice on how best to upgrade your computer. If you decide to go ahead with an upgrade, we'll take your PC, perform the upgrade in our workrooms, then return your PC running better than ever before